Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Economy Report - August 31, 2011 Paul Buzby - Rare Coin Wholesalers

Justice Department blocks AT&T-T-Mobile merger
More government regulation. Capitalism is based on survival of the fittest. T-Mobile is having problems. There are multiple carries.

Rise in factory orders pushes stocks higher
Summer oil spike coming to an end. Factories ramping up.

Natural gas rises as power demand returns in East

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Economy Report - August 30, 2011 - Paul Buzby: Rare Coin Wholesalers

Comex Gold Trades Near Daily High on Fed Governor Remarks, Weak U.S. Economic Data
Government and Federal Reserve kicked the can down the road on fiscal responsibility, dollar weaker, stock market, gold and oil up.

Plunge in consumer confidence sends stocks lower
Private Businesses (70% U.S. GDP) wants fiscal responsibility, confidence will stay low until they change direction.

Stocks edge higher; Caterpillar, Boeing lead Dow
Private Businesses (70% U.S. GDP) recovering in spite of the Government and Federal Reserve.

Consumer confidence lowest in 2 years.
Private Businesses (70% U.S. GDP) wants fiscal responsibility, confidence will stay low until they change direction.

Obama faces tight restraints in crafting jobs plan
Spin, he only wants to help public unions, banks, stock market and foreign countries, not Private Business (70% U.S. GDP).

Business, consumer views darken in Europe
Germany and France moving to consolidate responsible countries in euro zone (17). The non-responsible ones will be left to burn.

Oil rises as East Coast refining resumes
Any excuse to raise prices at the pump before the holiday weekend and the end of the summer oil spike.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Economy Report - August 29, 2011: Paul Buzby - Rare Coin Wholesalers

Irene: Wet, deadly and expensive, but no monster
Crises mongering by the media for the government. There is opportunity in crises.

Oil rises on stronger consumer spending
Spin. This is a spike to take advantage of holiday weekend.

Consumer spending rebounds, rose 0.8 pct. in July
Back to school spending. Temporary.

Contracts to buy homes fell 1.3 percent in July
Public employees (Fed, State, Country and City) being fired. One more round of foreclosures.

Obama to tap Krueger for economic post
Bringing in another elitist Princeton professor who has been in academia for the last 20 years.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Economy Report - August 25, 2011: Paul Buzby - Rare Coin Wholesalers

Low rates squeeze savers and may hold back economy
This is the single most important thing that is holding the U.S. economy back and transferring wealth from average U.S. citizens to banks, Europe and emerging economies. The Federal Reserve is not our friend.

Flash slide in German stocks hurts world markets
More problems in Europe. Will continue for years.

Stocks open lower; BofA jumps on Buffett deal
Interesting. Not sure what it means.

Without Jobs, Apple must show it can still deliver
Businesses trying to grow in spite of the government and the banks.

Fixed mortgage rates rise from decades lows
Too little, too slow.

Oil falls on higher jobless claims
Coming to the end of the summer oil spike. Should go lower.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Economy Report - August 24, 2011 : Paul Buzby - Rare Coin Wholesalers

Survey: Employers consider ending health coverage
We are watching the collapse of the American health care system unless we change direction.

CBO: Budget deficit to hit $1.28T, down slightly
We are spending at record levels and they have the temerity to say the yearly deficit is down slightly.

Higher durable-goods orders ease economic worries
Private business (70% of U.S. GDP) is slowly recovering. Numbers are down overall because Public employees who have been shielded for the last three years are now having extreme problems like the rest of us.

Oil climbs on stronger manufacturing activity
Summer oil spike is almost over and manufacturing knows this and is increasing production in expectation of dropping prices.

Local wheat sees revival in former grain states
Ethanol farm subsidies are pushing all food prices up. This will be repealed and when it is, the price of food will drop big.

Europe, US stocks rise on upbeat economic report
Europe temporally stabilized. They will have more problems which are more severe. U.S. private businesses (70% U.S. GDP) is recovering.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Economy Report: August 23, 2011 - Paul Buzby: Rare Coin Wholesalers

New-home sales fall, 2011 could be worst year yet
More foreclosures from public employees (Fed, State, County and City) pushing home prices down again.

APNewsBreak: Iran shows UN advanced nuke equipment
Shows UN what Iran wants the UN to see.

World stock markets rise amid hopes for Fed move
Hoping the Fed will devalue the U.S. dollar more with a QE3. Take buying power away from U.S. citizens and transfer it to foreign citizens.

S&P chief resigns; hedge fund seeks parent split
Major pressure being brought by U.S. government (Obama) against S&P for down grading the U.S.

FDIC: Number of problem banks fell to 865 in Q2
We are running out of banks to fail.

Stocks rise for second day; Exxon leads Dow
Dollar down, oil and stock market up.

Oil trades near $85 on mixed economic news
Dollar down, oil and stock market up.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Economy Report - August 22, 2011 - Paul Buzby: Rare Coin Wholesalers

European Central Bank buys euro14.3 billion in bonds
Another temporary patch.

Oil prices should fall with Gadhafi overthrow
Winter will bring stability to middle east. End of summer oil spike. Oil down, dollar up.

Stocks open higher, breaking 4-week losing streak
Temporary stability in Europe is giving the U.S. stock market a breather.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


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Economy Report - August 18, 2011 - Paul Buzby

Consumer prices rose by the most since March

Leading indicators rise 0.5 percent in July

Home sales dropped 3.5 pct. in July, hit 2011 low
One more round of foreclosures from public employees being fired (federal, state, county and city).

Gold hits latest record high, near $1,830
Federal Reserve statement not to raise interest rates till 2013 and congress kicking the debt problem down the road.

More people sought unemployment benefits
One more round of foreclosures from public employees being fired (federal, state, county and city).

Here we go again: Stocks plunge on economic fear
Europe crises bleeding into U.S. stock market, not U.S. private businesses (70% GDP).

Car dealers fear economy could scare off buyers
Anti Business policies by Washington and Federal Reserve cause uncertainty.

Oil drops on disappointing economic news
Summer oil spike is coming to an end. Oil will drop more.

Economy Report - August 17, 2011 - Paul Buzby

French and German leaders urge elected eurozone chief
Germany and France will keep the euro, all countries willing to pass austerity programs can stay, others get out.

Core wholesale inflation up; most in 6 months
Dollar weaker, gold up, result of kicking the bucket down the road on the debt.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Economy Report - August 15, 2011 -Paul Buzby

Oil rises 2 pct, following broad market rally

US home builders not optimistic in August
Public (federal, state, county and city) employees being laid off driving new round of foreclosures making a bigger glut of homes.

Germany reiterates 'no' to eurobonds
Eurobonds is a bail out of the over spending governments by the responsible governments.

US stocks rise after corporate deals, Japan report

Buffett calls for more taxes on 'mega-rich'
He is calling for more taxes on people earning 10 million or more a year. Everyone else not tax increases.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Week Ahead: Another Ride on the Rollercoaster? -

Next week should prove quieter, but with all the uncertainty weighing on the markets, it's probably best to get defensive and wait for possible buying opportunities later on, writes Senior Editor Tom Aspray

Gold Prices Seen Falling Next Week!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

John Foster: My Brief Thoughts on Gold, World Economics and Currency.

Although I don't believe we are in a 2008 crisis again, we have been here before with gold in the summer of 2007. (This summer we hit a big downward trend in June then Bernanke came on TV and said QE3 and gold has been on a parabolic move since). To augment yesterday's email I sent (
) when charts go parabolic the market see's a 25-40% upward movement from the point of the upward trend. (Using the 40% figure from the point of the upward trend, gold should touch close to $2,100)  In 2007 it took 14 months to complete its parabolic cycle; we are almost two months into this cycle. It took seven months to hit its record price in the cycle before a major correction.

Another sign of a bubble in place, but no where near it's medium term top (12-18 months) [I do believe we will see a correction in the next week or two]), I am a bit bullish on gold for the medium term now due to the statement from the fed of keeping interest rates at exceptionally low rates for the next two years. In addition, there is a lot of currency weakness not just in the U.S but also in other world economies; Europe and China are not going to solve their problems overnight.

Many nations will get involved in the game of devaluing their currency like America is. This is going to cause more and more investors around the globe to seek the 'safe haven' of gold. (Look at the Swiss Franc the last 6 months up + 34% as of 8/10/11). If (Most likely WHEN now that the Fed has more of a pessimistic view of the economy) we get a QE3 (or something of the sort) expect another shot in the arm to gold. The Fed can’t keep interest rates this low for another two years without another round of stimulus.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We’ll see higher prices but the bubble will burst

Posted by: John Foster

Economic Report August 9, 2011: Paul Buzby

Wall St rallies after sell-off; Fed statement on tap
Everyone guessing on what the Fed will say today.

Fed under pressure to act as world markets swoon
Raise the Interest Rate. Banks will start lending to businesses. Economy starts moving.

Bond crises ease but fear spreads to Europe stocks
Europe in bigger trouble than the U.S.

Poll suggests 2012 change in power in Washington
Get rid of the progressive dinosaurs and put in fiscal conservative Americans.

The Fast Fix: Obama overload?
The only one not tired of seeing Obama on TV is Obama.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Economy report for August 8, 2011: Paul Buzby

Oil plunges below $84 a barrel on credit downgrade
All commodities down but gold. Possible bubble.

S&P downgrades Fannie and Freddie, US-backed debt
Finally. Maybe Washington will wake up and stop the spending.

ECB pledge gets Spain, Italy rates down
Another band aid.

China urges global economic policy coordination
Pot calling the kettle black.

White House adviser blames tea party for downgrade
Blame everyone but yourself. If they had not raised the debt ceiling we would not have been downgraded. We need to stop the spending

US markets fall sharply after S&P downgrade
Finally. Maybe Washington will wake up and stop the spending.

Greece bans shortselling as stocks tank
Another band aid.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Economy Report: August 5, 2011 - Paul Buzby

Stocks turn lower as optimism about jobs fades
Watch what the Federal Reserve does on 08/09/11. If they raise the Fed Interest rate the economy will start improving.

Fannie Mae loss widens; asking taxpayers for $2.8B
More government spending.

Unemployment rate dips, economy adds 117K jobs
Government needs to get out of the way.

Italy increasing worry as euro crisis rages on
Europe in serious trouble.

Oil rises as investors weigh hiring, slow economy
Oil will drop as we get closer to the end of summer.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Economy Report: August 4, 2011 - Paul Buzby

ECB leaves key rate at 1.5 pct amid market turmoil
Europe’s banking interest rate is higher than the Federal Reserve interest rate. This is to try and keep Europe inflation in check and give a slight edge in exchanges with the U.S.

Stocks slump as economic, Europe worries continue
Europe is in serious trouble. U.S. numbers were terrible during June because of the artificial fear generated over the debt ceiling limit.

Retailers report solid sales gains for July
Numbers starting to recover after passing arbitrary debt ceiling limit date.

Unemployment aid applications tick down to 400K
Numbers starting to recover after passing arbitrary debt ceiling limit date.

Rate on 15-year mortgage falls to decades low
One more round of foreclosures do to federal, state, country and city layoffs. Slump should continue in the residential area for the next 6 months.

Comex Gold Notches Another New High on More Safe-Haven Buying
Fear only. The rest of the commodities market is flat. Possible bubble.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Economy Report: August 3, 2011 - Paul Buzby

Services firms expand at slowest pace in 17 months
Instability and fear.

Factory orders dropped 0.8 percent in June
Instability and fear.

Stocks continue to slide a day after big sell-off
Instability and fear.

Italian borrowing rates touch new record
Europe in deeper debt trouble than U.S.

Chinese agency downgrades US credit rating
China trying to enter global rating market by bashing U.S.

‘Pentagon’s Worst Nightmare’
Massive cuts looming for U.S. Military. Same strategy that Clinton did in the 90’s. Gutted CIA and Military leading up to 911.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Economy Report: August 1, 2011

Debt Deal Done: What Does It Mean?
Marginal deal for average U.S. Citizen. Great deal for foreign emerging markets.

Responses to debt deal range from angry to angrier
There should be more anger.

Dow stumbles on weak manufacturing report

China blames Pakistan-trained militants for attack
More problems for China.

HSBC to cut 30,000 jobs in global overhaul
Foreign banks moving away from dollar.