Thursday, August 25, 2011

Economy Report - August 25, 2011: Paul Buzby - Rare Coin Wholesalers

Low rates squeeze savers and may hold back economy
This is the single most important thing that is holding the U.S. economy back and transferring wealth from average U.S. citizens to banks, Europe and emerging economies. The Federal Reserve is not our friend.

Flash slide in German stocks hurts world markets
More problems in Europe. Will continue for years.

Stocks open lower; BofA jumps on Buffett deal
Interesting. Not sure what it means.

Without Jobs, Apple must show it can still deliver
Businesses trying to grow in spite of the government and the banks.

Fixed mortgage rates rise from decades lows
Too little, too slow.

Oil falls on higher jobless claims
Coming to the end of the summer oil spike. Should go lower.

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