Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Economy Report July 13, 2011

Comex Gold Extends Record Gains on Ideas of More U.S. Fed Easing
Bernanke supporting Liberal Progressives and spend more money.

Bernanke: Fed would supply more stimulus if needed
Full court press on Republicans to raise debt ceiling limit.

Stocks jump as Bernanke opens door to new stimulus
Dollar down (redistribution of wealth from private businesses to everyone else), stock market up, gold up, oil up.

Debt talks grind on, clock ticks toward default
Do the Republicans have the brass to hold out and stop the spending.

Oil up as supplies drop, Bernanke talks stimulus
Supplies still high, this is all about weakening the dollar.

Italy to bolster austerity plan, speed up approval
Europe stabilizing, weakening the dollar will help Europe, hurt U.S..

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