Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Economy Report: July 26, 2011 - Paul Buzby

As Washington struggles over debt crisis, Obama stays mum on veto threat
Obama and democrats waffling, let’s hope the Republicans can hold out and stop the spending.

California "Dream Act" approved for illegal immigrants
End run around congress to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, this will drive education cost up and qualified graduates down in California.

Job listings say the unemployed need not apply
This goes hand in hand with unemployment extensions. Most people wait until there unemployment runs out before looking.

More dismal poll numbers for Obama and the GOP on debt crisis
Spin article. Obama’s numbers are going down and Republican numbers are going up. They are about the same now, but the trend is with the Republicans.

Consumer confidence rises in July
Private sector improving slowly.

New-home sales fell 1 percent in June
Public sector employees being laid off causing another round (hopefully last) poor housing numbers.

Debt gridlock weighs on stocks in early trading
Stock Market following Democratic spending spree and devaluation of dollar. Stock Market does not want a stronger dollar which would help the private sector.

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