Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Economy Report: July 27, 2011 : Paul Buzby

U.S. likely to lose top rating: economists
Spin article, 33 out of a hundred, that is the percentage of liberal progressives who want the U.S. to keep spending. Do not believe this article.

Is default deadline truly August 2? Analysts say no
There will be no panic after August 2.

Oil falls as nation's crude supplies rise
No oil shortage. When the summer oil spike ends (end of August) oil goes down and dollar goes up.

Greece suffers new credit downgrade
The world needs a weak dollar to make their currency to have more buying power. A strong U.S. Dollar gives the U.S. more buying power.

GOP retools plan as Congress seeks debt fix
This is a battle. The war is the 2012 election. They need to win this battle but not lose the war.

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