Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Daily Economic Articles

1. China warns of trade war if U.S. bill passes:
Bring it on. It is easy to beat up on the U.S. from the shadows, let’s see how they like a face to face confrontation.

2. S&P 500 enters bear market on Europe worries:
Socialism is great until you run out of money. Europe is out of money.

3. US futures fall ahead of Bernanke testimony:
If you listen to the Democrats in the meeting, you can hear them begging Bernanke to do a QE3.

4. Greece has until mid-Nov to get bailout loans:
Good chance they will default in December, Ireland also.

5. Gov't report: Fannie knew of 'robo-signing' in '03:
Fannie and Freddie are the most responsible for the recession and foreclosures.

6. Oil below $76 as Greece crisis gnaws at confidence:
Oil heading to $65 in next 6 months.

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