Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wall St. Down on Rising Concerns over Europe

Stocks are falling in reaction to the news that the meeting by the euro zone finance ministers has been cancelled. Once again, economists are having doubts about European leaders' efforts on minimizing the regions debt. This puts more fear in the market with people worrying about income and job prospects.

Larry Peruzzi, senior equity trader at Cabrera Capital Markets in Boston, stated, "This comes as a shock because we thought they were nearing an agreement."

Shares are dropping as people react to Europe's inability to make a plan of action on the regions debt. Netflix shares continue to fall at an alarming rate to $75.99, more than 36%. Netflix is losing more customers than what was expected due to its price increase and cancelled plans to split the company.

See Link: http://beta.finance.yahoo.com/news/stock-index-futures-seen-mixed-104653385.html

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